Suicide Prevention in Māori Communities

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Last year, we had the opportunity to support 74 Māori community suicide prevention initiatives that were implemented across Aotearoa to enhance whānau , hapū , iwi and communities.   In our examination of all the initiatives, we identified nine key enablers that aided in their success. These included:

  • Commissioning the funds directly to Māori
  • Māori designing and inspiring the initiatives
  • Māori ownership of and control over decision making
  • Embedding Māori culture, te reo me ona tikanga
  • Harnessing Māori knowledge of history and context from whānau, hapū, iwi and community perspectives
  • Māori leading and implemented their own projects and programmes
  • Building Māori capacity through trusted relationships with people
  • Promoting Māori developmental approaches.
  • Keeping the implementation timelines flexible whilst providing support as needed.

If you would like to know more, please read Initiatives and go to our website: COMSP