Manaaki Ora Wānanga



Manaaki Ora is a suite of wānanga developed as a way of addressing Māori Suicide. Each wānanga is tailored to exploring and broadening one’s understanding of Māori approaches to working with whānau, individuals and community groups who are Māori. We hope that as you progress through the programme you will gain an understanding of the importance and value of a Māori world view to prevent suicide and self-harm and what you can do to improve the wellbeing of others.

There are four wānanga within this programme:

  1. Tangata Ihi – Introduction to Māori concepts (pre-requisite, delivered online)
  2. Manaaki Tangata – A Māori way of being and interacting with one another (face to face, full-day wānanga)
  3. Te Ihi Ora – Exploring Māori paradigms within your work, practice or organisation (face to face, full-day wānanga).
  4. Mihi Whakaora – Exploring the important aspects of working through grief for Māori whānau (still in development, face to face, full-day wānanga).

Who is it for?

Manaaki Ora is for anyone 18 years or older who work with Māori. Especially those who work in non-government organisations, community-based groups, Hauora providers, iwi, marae and whānau champions.

If you are interested in working more positively and effectively with Māori or want to promote Māori health and wellbeing as well as learn more about kaupapa Māori approaches to utilising protective factors in preventing suicide, than Manaaki Ora is for you.

There is no charge to complete this programme. However, enrolment using the link below is necessary to ensure you have access to everything that is available.

Tangata Ihi

Through a Māori lens.
Introduction to Māori ways of working in health and wellness.

Manaaki Tangata

Māori Practices.
Fundamental values and processes for working with Māori Whānau.

Te Ihi Ora

Professional Practice.
Planning for Whānau wellness.
Implementing Māori processes to meet needs of Whānau Māori.

Mihi Whakaora

Working with Whānau in grief.
Māori approaches to working through grief.

Stay tuned for future activities and opportunities…


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