Letting the Issue Be Heard, So the Help Can Come ( Hamilton : Waikato).

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Whakanuia Whakapapa

Hamilton: Waikato


“Whakaputa i te Hara, Hei Ara ki te Tautoko.”

Letting the Issue Be Heard, So the Help Can Come.


Whakanuia Whakapapa is a whānau (and community) suicide prevention initiative based at Aratiatia marae, Fairfield College, in Hamilton.

For many whānau, asking for help, or letting others know they are struggling, can make them feel a sense of whakamā, or shame.  This shame often stops whānau from asking for help or support.

Whakanuia whakapapa creates a safe space for whānau to kōrero openly and honestly about issues or things they aren’t coping very well with.   Then through celebrating our tīkanga, whakapapa, whānau, hāpori, hapū, and iwi ties, then participants are able to remove barriers they may have to seeking help and be better equipped to finding assistance where they can.

As the name suggests, Whakanuia Whakapapa celebrates whakapapa (genealogy & family connections).  Through a process of reconnecting whānau to their whakapapa, their identity and the community, an easier process can be put in place when working through the stresses of grief as well as the pressures of everyday living.



*This whānau initiative is proudly supported by Te Au (and Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund (2020-2021).