Tangata Ihi is an online introduction course that provides a broad foundational understanding of a Māori world perspective.

Please note:  This is a pre-requisite course for the Manaaki Tangata and Te Ihi Ora wānanga.

Q. What will be covered in Tangata Ihi?

Tangata Ihi allows you to engage with and consider some aspects that are important to Māori.  The topics covered are just some of the concepts that will be explored in more depth in the face to face wānanga.

This online wananga prepares participants to attend the face to face wānanga so that they have a foundation of understanding for the topics that will be covered in the Manaaki Ora Wānanga.

Q. What is in the course?

There are five short videos (ranging from 2 to 5 minutes) to watch with a set of questions to answer. You only need to complete the module successfully once to.

Q. How long will it take?

It will take between 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on prior knowledge). If you don’t have that much time, don’t fret, you can always exit the module and return at another time to carry on from where you stopped.

Q. Can I link to this course when I register on other courses? 

When you sign up for the Manaaki Tangata course, you will be sent a link to complete Tangata Ihi (the online module).  Otherwise you can begin the module at the link below.  Either way you choose to register, you will only need to complete the Tangata Ihi module once.

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