It just takes someone to reach out

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Waiata are powerful medium to express how we are feeling, it is one of the most creative and often spiritual methods of sharing stories and giving messages.

Two years ago, Maimoa created this beautiful bilingual waiata, ‘we are human’.  It recognises depression and emphasises ‘we are only human’.  The story line is informed by lived experience, with it a belief, it is best to have people who can connect and  understand the person who is feeling low.

With this helpful insight to the waiata, it prompts all of us as whānau  and friends to reflect on what we can do to  help and to reach out to our  loved ones who are struggling.   In Maimoa’s point, by having someone who can connect and relate to another person, who is available to lean on, to talk to, can be one of the most helpful forms of support.

We link you to this beautiful waiata for your enjoyment, and we thank Maimoa for their permission in doing so, ngā mihi Te Au.