Strengthened resilience to make dreams a reality: Building Better Men (Ōtepoti/ Dunedin).

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Building Better Men

Dunedin: Southland

There are various opinions on how men should be. This stigma has played a massive part in how men are living in today’s society. The expectations and labels that have been created have put a lot of pressure on mana tāne. The ‘Building Better Men’ initiative has been established to help young men build on the knowledge and dreams they have. Through strengthening resilience and determination, rangatahi become better equipped to reach their fuller potential and strive to achieve their goals.
Building Better Men is has a key focus on supporting Rangatahi tāne build confidence towards their aspirations of sporting excellence (in particular in the area of professional rugby). Most of the youth supported in this initiative come from homes that may not have the ability to financially support their youth pursuing a career in sport.

The Building Better Men initiative works with rangatahi tāne rugby players who aspire to play at a professional level. These athletes will be supported to develop a balanced lifestyle utilising the Te Whare Tapa Whā model. A focus is also made to develop their career aspirations as a driver to building a pathway to increased resilience.


*This Whānau initiative is proudly supported by Te Au (and Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund (2020-2021).