Centre of Māori Suicide Prevention

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Te Rau Ora has been delivering a range of Māori suicide prevention and postvention kaupapa for over a decade, and recently rebranded its programmes under Centre of Māori Suicide Prevention. We are part of a collective response to achieve better health outcomes for  Māori by supporting Māori to take a leadership role and control of their wellbeing and recovery. The overarching goal is to build the capacity of Māori whānau, hapū  and iwi to prevent suicide, and to respond effectively if and when a suicide occurs. We are happy to introduce our team:

Alex Milner:


Ronald Baker


Kai Whakarite


Frano Sadlier


Tiaki Whānau  Tiaki Ora


Pearl Thompson


Tiaki Whānau  Tiaki Ora


Regan Balzer

Pou Auaha

Te Whetumairangi Balzer Horo