$1.6 million Māori Suicide Prevention Fund Now Open.

Te Rau Ora and the Centre of Māori Suicide Prevention are pleased to announce the launch of the 2022 Māori Community Suicide Prevention Fund.   The Māori Community Suicide Prevention Fund is aimed at whānau and community driven approaches to prevent suicide, or to offer support to those bereaved by suicide. Since 2014, Te Rau Ora …

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Manaaki Ora Self Help Wellbeing App.

Te Rau Ora and the Centre of Māori Suicide Prevention released the Manaaki Ora app. A self-help wellbeing app to support people to know what to do if they’re concerned with someone’s mental or emotional wellbeing.  Check out the Manaaki Ora App here: App store: https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/manaaki-ora/id1566257141 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Conical.ManaakiOra Media Contact: Regan Balzer | 0224316960 | regan.balzer@terauora.com

Suicide Prevention in Māori Communities

Last year, we had the opportunity to support 74 Māori community suicide prevention initiatives that were implemented across Aotearoa to enhance whānau , hapū , iwi and communities.   In our examination of all the initiatives, we identified nine key enablers that aided in their success. These included: Commissioning the funds directly to Māori Māori designing …

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Turamarama Declaration: A Global & Indigenous Response to Suicide Prevention

Turamarama Declaration: A Global & Indigenous Response to Suicide Prevention   World Suicide Prevention Day is an important reminder of the global effort to prevent the loss of life through Suicide.   This is best reflected through the development of Tumararama – a global declaration to support Indigenous lead responses to the prevention of Suicide. In …

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Māori Community Fund closes with over $4 Million worth of applications received.

Suicide for Māori is a huge issue in our country! This statement comes through loud and clear after the overwhelming response from whānau, iwi, community and regional organisations across Aotearoa, who recently applied for the Māori Suicide Prevention Community Fund (2020/2021). Supported by He Tapu te Oranga o ia Tangata: Every Life Matters Suicide Prevention …

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Te Oranga o te Ao

Ko Te Wā, Ko te ao tawhito o o tātou tūpuna, Ka puta, ko te ao hou o tātou mā, Ka puta te ao hurihuri, Ka whānau mai te whakaaro… ‘Oranga o Te Ao’   Time is… The world of ancient time of our ancestors, The emergence of the new world, the changing world we …

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