Health Benefits of a Strong Cultural Identity

For  generations, Māori emphasised the health benefits of possessing and sustaining a strong cultural identity. Knowing who your people are, where they come from and participating in cultural activities are well evident in promoting a sense of belonging, self-worth and social support. We realise for some whānau, access and involvement to what is rightfully our …

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Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing | Volume 2, Issue 2, 2017

Aliwa! Kwobidjil Yoowal Nidjak Koorliny Hey – Watch Out! Things are moving – best is coming here. We dedicate this Special Sponsored Edition to Indigenous Suicide Prevention. We give thanks to the University of Western Australia’s, Department of Indigenous Studies for the sponsorship they provided for this issue. This publication is timely given the high …

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Global Overview of Suicide

One of the aspects of doing this challenging mahi is to seek out other indigenous groups to see what they are experiencing and how they are managing the ngangara that is associated with suicide.  We have  been encouraged through the  connections with our indigenous brothers and sisters in Australia,  to learn with, to share information …

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