Building strong, resilient, courageous men (Ngāruawāhia : Waikato).

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Te Aranga Mentoring and Initiation Program

Waikato: Ngāruawāhia


Ko Taupiri te maunga.

Ko Waikato te awa. 

Ko Waikato te Iwi. 

Ko Ngāti Mahuta, ko Ngāti Mahanga ngā hapū. 

Ko Tūrangawaewae, ko Te Kaharoa ngā marae.

Anei rā ko Te Aranga e tū nei.


Te Aranga is a mentoring program that is designed to support the transition of boys into manhood.  The important time of a boy’s life, where they are developing physically, mentally and emotionally from adolescence to manhood is acknowledged and supported by Te Aranga through a process of Tuakana-Teina and Pakeke guidance.

An important aspect to the Te Aranga activities is for Tuakana and Pakeke to have a caring and supportive approach as the boys are taken through different rites of passage.  As the boys learn, grow, share and support one another, they are able to do so in a safe space. The activities in the programme start them on a positive and supported journey towards adulthood.    As they develop into young adult men, the Te Aranga programme ensures these young men have good male role models and guidance on how to deal with issues they may face.

The types of rites practiced by Te Aranga honour the significance of a key moment in a young man’s life.  The power of reconnecting to ones self, environment and tupuna celebrates the mana of each individual and has the potential to be life changing.  These rites are not widely practiced today, however the reclamation of these types of ceremonies are important in reconnecting to ourselves as Māori and igniting the potential within each of us to move with strength and fortitude into the future.



*This whānau initiative is proudly supported by Te Au (and Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund (2020-2021).