Passionate about Māori Whānau Well-being (Hastings : Heretaunga)

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Ko Wai Tōu Ingoa
Hastings: Heretaunga

Ko Wai Tōu Ingoa is an initiative promoting community action and coordination across different sectors of Heretaunga, to raise awareness of Māori practices in suicide prevention and postvention.  When engaging with whānau effected by suicide, Ko Wai Tōu Ingoa kaiārahi utilise a strengths-based approach, blended with mana enhancing Māori models of health and wellbeing.    Through these approaches, healing progresses as a whānau and at a speed comfortable for each whānau member.

Kaiārahi are key in providing support.  If a whānau has experienced a suicide, a kaiārahi will organise a venue, such as a kōhanga, kura, marae, or a place that is accessible to meet and kōrero.  This allows whānau have a place and safe forum to discuss (and begin to unpack) what has happened and how they can start to work through things.   Kaiārahi ensure the effected whānau have easy access to support, while implementing the essence of mauri tau and responding appropriately to the needs of whānau when they are affected by suicide.

Once their initial hui and discussion has happened, kaiārahi and ringawera talk during the light hakari afterwards.  It is at this time, kaiarahi are able to engage with whānau in a less-formal way, to gage which whānau members may require additional support.  If they do, a kaiārahi is able to continue to work with individuals or small groups at their homes, or in different ways identified as important for the wellness of those involved.

*This whānau initiative is proudly supported by Te Au (and Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund (2020-2021).

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