Empowerment, The Pou of Our Whare (Palmerston North).

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Whakamana Tangata (Empowering our people)

Palmerston North – Manawatu

Teaching life skills is a way Te Mana o Te Tangata Trust believes they can build resilient whānau. Considering the Whāre Tapawhā model in their activities and the four Pou (or aspects that support wellness for Māori whānau, instilling a wide range of skills and knowledge is how they are helping whānau in their future endeavours.

• Taha tinana: Keeping bodies safe and healthy.
• Taha wairua: Protecting their spiritual wellness and increasing self-confidence.
• Taha hinengaro: Learning calmness and coping strategies for persons peace of mind.
• Taha whānau: Staying connected to whakapapa links, repairing broken bonds.

In some cases, this is making a radical change in the lives of whānau. With an improved sense of self- autonomy and worth through learning transferable skills, participants are able to contribute to society and their communities in a positive manner. Participation in these activities can also result in an increase in employment opportunities and dealing with life situations.
Some skills that are learnt improve things like:
• Communication
• Decision making
• Critical thinking
• Conflict resolutions
• Working through emotions

With Rangatahi Ora a focus, wānanga offer skills development in: manaaki, food preparation, cooking, creating a menu, budgeting, money handling, shopping, packaging, food hygiene and practices relating to Health and Safety regulations.
These transferable skills strenthen whānau resilience, and provide a holistic approach to rebuilding whānau knowledge and skills to carry through into the future.

Organisation: Mana o te Tangata Trust

Website: http://www.manaotetangata.org.nz/

*This Iwi initiative is proudly supported by Te Au (and Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund (2020-2021).

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