Walking for suicide prevention (Tauranga)

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Hope Walk Tauranga
Mt Maunganui: Bay of Plenty

The Hope Walk is a popular initiative that happens in various cities around Aotearoa. The Hope Walk in Tauranga, which was supported by Te Rau Ora through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund. It brought people together to raise awareness about Suicide Prevention. The day was led by Rangatahi of Tauranga Moana – this was the fourth annual hikoi.
In the lead up to the day, workshops occurred in preparation for the main hikoi. During these wānanga, Rangatahi learnt about suicide prevention through team building exercises and craft activities. There was a focus on how to collaborate with local wellness support services, particularly with Kaupapa Māori networks, who support bereaving whānau.
The hikoi organisers provided a space for support services in and around Tauranga to attend. This created an opportunity to inform whānau about their local organisations and services.
At the end of the hikoi, a special memorial service was hosted to pay respect to those lost to suicide. An open, safe space was made available for people to share their experiences and how they have been impacted. Awhinatanga support service was present to provide compassionate support to aggrieved whānau

Organisation:  Waipū Hauora

*This community initiative is proudly supported by Te Au (and Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund (2020-2021).

** Feature Photo:  Graeham Hoete (Mr G) gives a korero at the Walk of Hope meeting point.


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