The Opposite of Addiction is Connection. (Tāneatua, Ruatoki & Waikaremoana)

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Mana Enhancing S.T.O.P (Stop taking our people)

Ara ake te kaupapa whakahirahira kei te rohe o te kohu.

Mana enhancing S.T.O.P is an initiative started by whānau who are concerned about the impacts of Paura Kino use in their community.  S.T.O.P stands for Stop Taking Our People.  This group provides support for whānau who are in Tāneatua, Ruatoki and Waikaremoana who have been directly or indirectly affected by Paura Kino.

This whānau support group provide prevention and education for all ages, from tamariki through to kaumatua, on a weekly and monthly basis and acknowledged the effect Paura Kino has on the whānau, especially the impact on children.  Suicide prevention and holistic well-being are at the forefront of this Mana Enhancing S.T.O.P initiative.  Through the voluntary efforts of the team, they are dedicated to supporting a positive change for whānau wellbeing across Tūhoe.

Mana, Mauri and Tapu are key concepts embraced in their activities.

Mana: Connection to our whenua, finding who we are and where we are from through Pepeha and reconnecting to Whānau, Hapū & Iwi.

Mauri: represents the thoughts and feelings individuals have when they come through their doors.  This makes sure people attending these wānanga are in a safe space, so they can join the group and openly share their stories.

Tapu: Tapu is also acknowledged and respected by each individual.

The Mana Enhancing S.T.O.P (Stop taking our people) group, facilitates wānanga and hui and believes that ongoing connection is of utmost importance when detoxing from Paura Kino.  S.T.O.P believes that the opposite of addiction is connection.

*This Local Whānau, Hapu & Iwi initiative is proudly supported by Te Au (& Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Fund (2020-2021).

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