Family, Community and Tribal Resilience (Whangārei, Northland).

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Mauri Ora Whānau-Hapū-Hāpori
Hoea mai ngā hoe o ngā hapū, ko Ngāti Taka, ko Ngāti Kororā rātou ko Te Waiariki, kia hoe tahi ai, kia pūāwai tēnei kaupapa.
Te Waiariki, Ngāti Korora, Ngāti Taka Hapū Iwi Trust are a collective that have come together for an iwi-wide approach to suicide prevention, developing an initiative called ‘Mauri Ora Whānau-Hapū-Hāpori’.   This initiative involves a series of three wānanga.   These three wānanga are spread out across the tribal areas of Te Tai Tokerau, with the objective to impact the lives of as many people and hapū as possible, and the intention to create a ripple effect into the community to build resilience and well-being.
These wānanga utilise natural resources, like the elements and the environment to stimulate and improve mental health & wellbeing.    Pulling from the knowledge, experience and lived experience of different whānau members is key in identifying situations and working through stress, suicide, depression and trauma, associated with suicide risk, supporting whānau who have been affected by suicide.
The participants of these wānanga have the facility to share stories via written, electronic, and/or audio-visual media, in hopes of creating an intergenerational taonga.  Through the maintaining and succession of roles, responsibilities and relationships, between people and generations in their respective communities, there will be more opportunity to heal and work collectively to reduce suicide.

Organisation:   Te Waiariki, Ngāti Korora, Ngāti Taka Hapū Iwi Trust

*This Community initiative was supported by Te Au (and Te Rau Ora) through the Māori Suicide Prevention Community Fund (2020/2021).

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